Sanctuary Dairy Farm Ice Cream

              Farm stand open year round. 

                              209 Rte 103 Sunapee, NH     603-863-8940

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                           Sanctuary Dairy Farm Ice Cream produces farm fresh ice cream using renewable energy.  

                                                    It was about a child having a vision and leading by example.

         In 2012 with Beck’s focus on a sustainable future, Sanctuary Dairy installed a fixed mounted Mage Photovoltaic System to provide sustainable energy to the entire operation. Our photovoltaic (PV) solar collectors convert sunlight directly into DC electricity. The inverter converts DC power to AC power which is what we use for our electrical needs. Our system is a fixed mounted Mage Photovoltaic System, Powtec Plus 230/6PI, 14kW power system. Electricity produced runs our scoop shop, farm stand, commercial kitchen, and finally our home.  Sanctuary Dairy has a Grid Tie System which means the solar power that is generated during the day is either used by the scoop shop, farm stand or home and excess flows back into the PSNH electric grid where it gets redistributed by other users.

   *Remember we all have a social responsibility to conserve energy, save natural resources and reduce waste.  

                          On Point Energy Solutions  

                          Newbury, NH 603-938-5142   

       Tell them the ice cream kids sent you!  

New England Solar Concepts

Guild, NH 603-863-7521