Sanctuary Dairy Farm Ice Cream

              Farm stand open year round. 

                              209 Rte 103 Sunapee, NH     603-863-8940

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   Sanctuary Dairy Farm produces its own  fresh ice cream using only the freshest ingredients making our own purees and pastes from scratch. Stop on by, stay awhile, and watch us produce the finest ice cream in NH.

Old techniques and traditional recipes combined with close relationships with farmers like the Bill and Heidi from  Bartlett Farm Newport, NH and the Frizzel family from Peachblow Farm Charlestown, NH are the keys in creating a perfect ice cream.   

      It's quality from the cow to cone and garden to cone here on the farm. Using only the freshest ingredients!

The finest chocolate ice cream begins with a blend of quality ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, Guittard chocolate , Belcolade chocolate and a premium vanilla extract from Lockhead Vanilla. It ends with a whole lot of love and a melt in your mouth, delicious, premium chocolate experience!